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Monday, April 15 – At least two people are dead and 100 people injured in two simultaneous explosions that took place today at around 2:50 pm Eastern Standard Time during the Boston Marathon. The two explosions took place within twenty seconds of each other and fairly near to the finish line. According to Boston officials there are currently no suspects in custody, and there is no certainty as to who is behind the attack. It is almost positive that the blasts were intentional and caused by some sort of road side bomb. Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis was very vague in a press conference, indicating that not much is known about the explosions quite yet. Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and President of the United States Barack Obama have all given condolences to te victims of the attack. The Prime Minister said of the incident: “It is a terrible tragedy and we sincerely hope that nothing like this every happens anywhere again. Our condolences are with the victims and their families.” The Prime Minister also urged Florenians to stay calm despite the Kingdom’s close proximity to the City of Boston.

The Prime Minister has declared three days of national mourning, the first national mourning since the tragic Newtown Attacks in December 2012.